About Us

About Us

Our approach

Founded by award-winning stylist Suzanne Beaumont, Miss Frou Frou is one of the New Zealand’s most respected event styling companies.

Whether it is an event for 10 or 1,000 Miss Frou Frou can deliver an individual experience. We will listen and work closely with you to create an event that realises your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Experience has taught Miss Frou Frou to surround herself with like minded, fabulous vendors. Our close knit team of supremely talented complementary vendors are extremely proud of the world class level of service we provide and we are equally as proud that our clients trust us repeatedly with their events.

Trust Miss Frou Frou…..your event is in safe hands.

What we do


Let Miss Frou Frou create everything you ever dreamed of for your  ceremony and reception. We will plan, create and deliver the most fabulous space for you, your darling and your guests to enjoy today and remember for a lifetime.

What we do

Private Events

Whether you are having a romantic dinner for two or a special celebration for all your nearest and dearest, Miss Frou Frou can help you create the perfect ambience for your event.

What we do

Corporate Events

A business lunch, an AGM, an outdoor party for eleventy billion, a high tea, a FAWC event, no problem for team Frou Frou!  We will create the perfect corporate event where people feel recognised and celebrated.

How we do it


Refined, elegant, current, lavish, indulgent and beautiful are words often used to describe a Miss Frou Frou event. 

A lover of all things beauty in life, Miss Frou Frou enjoys nothing more than working with her clients from concept creation through to the well considered & cohesive completion.

Whether you have a full mood board prepared, an image you love or even just a rough idea of your style, Miss Frou Frou will take the time to understand you and deliver to you the design idea of your dreams.

We can : Deliver the event of your dreams!

You can : Relax in the knowledge you are in safe hands.

Our Team

Suzanne, aka Miss Frou Frou, refuses to blend in!

As a child she embroidered linen napkins for the family,  rather than use a paper serviette and was always more comfortable in a pretty dress than the 70’s dungarees ! As an adult she became known for her love of fashion, interior design, fabulous dinner parties ….well actually her love of everything beautiful. In a nutshell, she is known for her style.

Suzanne started her career as a hairdresser [having walked away from a university scholarship to study accounting ], she owned her own salon by the age of 20.  Suzanne moved to Sydney in 2000 to study makeup and was soon the head of hair and makeup for Channel Nine television network styling many famous women. Attention to detail was always her strength and her colleagues would jokingly tease her that she could see a hole in someone’s tights on the sole of their foot inside their shoe to which she replied ….isn’t that what you pay me for ? Thankfully, love brought her back to New Zealand, where she continued to work as a hair and make-up artist locally and freelance for media events internationally including Channel nine talent and our prime minister’s wife for William and Kate’s wedding in London.

It was at this time that she recognised a need for fabulous event styling. Thus, Miss Frou Frou was born.

At the heart of Miss Frou Frou’s success is Suzanne’s love of people. She takes enormous pride in her team’s ability to deliver beautiful events that realise their client’s personal vision, and it is this dedication to their craft which sees Miss Frou Frou take its place as New Zealand’s Premier Event Styling Company….and at Miss Frou Frou we think that is just fabulous xxx

Hillary Riches
Candace Dear
Christine Nimon
Colin Riches
John Beaumont – Mr Frou Frou

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