What glasses are suitable for my event?

So, which wine glass hire is best for your event? Are you unsure? Whether you are hosting a birthday party or a corporate event knowing which glasses you will need is important. Most occasions require a variety of different size glasses, but which glass is which? Glasses are designed for specific drinks to help enhance the flavours and overall enjoyment.

On most table settings there will be a glass for red wine, a glass for white wine, a water glass and a champagne flute. The wine glasses are designed to guide each wine to the palate, so you can enjoy all the flavours. In general most wine enthusiasts and sommeliers agree that a wine glass should be wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. This helps preserve the aromas and flavours of all types of wine.

Champagne flutes are uniquely designed to help contain the bubbles – so you can enjoy a delightful glass of fizz! Finally, the water glass has the largest capacity of all the glasses and can be used to refresh your palate throughout the meal and between drinks.

However, not every event will require all of the glasses available for hire, so speak to us and we can help advise on quantities and glass types. Likewise, if you are interested in any other glass types outside of our range please contact us and we will gladly assist. At Classic Glass Hire we want to help make your event as simple and stress-free as possible.